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Not All OTT Providers
are the same

After many discussions with Marketing Managers, Dealer Principal's, and General Managers, we uncovered some vital pain points as it pertains to Over The Top Advertising (OTT).

Many of the challenges we uncovered are.....

  • Advertisers rarely seeing competitive Ads within the streaming channels they watch.

  • They are unsure of placement or how to even place on premium channels and programming.

  • The cost of advertising is high specific to premium demand.

  • There is a lack of trust of absent ROI metrics and results based on overall investment.

  • And ultimately there is little to no understanding of how the Programmatic TV Ecosystem works.

We here at DLRVID have addressed these challenges and created a solution to soon revolutionize the OTT Market.

  • We have uncovered a way to be 50% less than the market for premium channels and inventory.

  • We start with high quality streaming TV channels and Apps to serve ads.

  • We use zip code targeting as our primary source to determine most likely impressions in any given market.

  • We are able to conquest nearest competitors.

  • We are able to match impressions to the device IP address for ROI tracking.

  • We are the only company that can track in store visits matched from viewed impression via streaming TV.

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