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What they don't want you to know

The result of the end advertiser (You)

Is that the advertising company handling your streaming advertising way too far away from the actual seat, This means you have less control over advertising on the more popular streaming channels. You are also paying way too high of a CPM (Cost per mil).


Most every agency that manages OTT for their clients are six positions away from the actual seat (Publishers). So the agency has a fee, the legacy providers they work with (Charter Spectrum/effectv) takes their cut. This keeps adding to your overall cost to advertise on streaming channels.

DSP (Data Side Platform) Sub-Seat 

Now that you know that the Agency has to go through a legacy provider, the legacy provider now has to go through a sub seat of the main DSP held by yet another agency that aids the actual Trade Desk in real-time bidding in the marketplace. Thus driving up the CPM cost even higher.

DSP (Data Side Platform)  

Now we have arrived at the actual Trade Desk which is a seat that has a licensed account held by yet another ad agency, trading desk, or direct advertiser that enable the sub seat agency to bid in the market place.

SSP (Supply Side Platform)  

Ultimately we have arrived at the SSP which is the connector to multiple channel sources for the programmatic marketplace. This enables the publishers to aggregate, consolidate and manage those sources when it comes to pricing.


Now your video ad's have finally made it to the publishers. The mystery is that at the very beginning, when we spoke of the agency handling your account often more times than not, do not give you transparent reporting on the channels that your ad showed. Good reason is that they do not want you to know so that they can attempt to keep the CPM down by airing on channels like the Christmas channel during the spring.

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